There are many benefits to joining the ranks of a volunteer fire company. You will become part of a Brotherhood that all firefighters share, and will join what many consider to be an extended family here at Abingdon. Beyond the personal satisfaction of making a difference to your community and perhaps even saving a life one day, members may receive some of the following benefits.

Professional Training
Our members are encouraged to participate in training courses offered both in-house as well as through the Maryland Fire and Rescue Institute. MFRI courses meet professional qualification standards and are recognized throughout the nation. In-house training is designed to work with our particular needs. Each Monday night a training class is scheduled to meet the needs of firefighting essentials, Fire and EMS cooperative training, EMS skills, and other selected topics. Nationally recognized instructors have been brought in for specialized sessions.

Basic life insurance as well as Workman’s Compensation coverage is provided to each member free of cost for any injuries resulting from Fire Company related activities.

Scholarship Program

Abingdon Fire Company has an in-house scholarship program open to members and immediate family members. By meeting qualified volunteer standards and performing 40 hours per month of duty time the student is eligible to receive up to $3,000 per school year.

Members and their children may be nominated for college scholarships through the Harford County Fireman’s Association.

Members may also apply to the Charlie Riley Community Service Scholarship Foundation. Charlie served Abingdon Fire Company for 52 years, and this Foundation was formed in his memory to help Fire and Ambulance personnel wanting to expand their knowledge through education. See crcssf.com for more information.

Length of Service Retirement Program
Harford County provides a Length of Service Retirement Program (LOSAP) that provides supplemental retirement earnings to those that have met their LOSAP requirements of 25 years of service and have reached 55 years of age. The amount of money received is based on the number of years served.

Maryland Income Tax Incentive
Members with a minimum of three years of LOSAP credits may receive a $4,500 Maryland Income Tax Credit for the calendar year in which they meet the LOSAP criteria.